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Golf Cart Batteries

We did the research, so you don't have to

Everyone knows that golf cart batteries are expensive. Cubers helps you compare the pricing of Las Vegas golf cart dealers to make an informed choice and save yourself money in the process.

Cash And Carry Pricing:   You pick it up, return core and you install it 

    Per Battery                     6 volt     8 Volt       12 Volt      Brand         Warranty

Batteries And Bulbs         $114.99   $139.99  $279.99   Duracell       1 Year        

Costco                                 $98.99   $112.99   $239.99   Interstate    6 mos

Cubers                                         $95.        $109.       $229.         Trojan              1 year       


Delivery And Installation Pricing: Cubers comes to you the same day,  does the installation and core removal . Installation includes full inspection of your electrical system and new battery cables if needed.

Everyone Else charges you for pickup and delivery and makes you wait  weeks for service

      Dealer                   Pu/Del. Chg.       6 volt     8 Volt     12 Volt      Brand       Wty

Custom Electric                                 $800    $1020      $1000      Crown       1 yr 

Ready Golf                                


Wheels In Motion


Silver State

Cubers                      $0                 $750       $900         $900         Rocket          1 Year

                                                       $1000      $1000       $1200        Trojan            1 Year





Rocket is our most affordable deep cycle battery made to the same specs as the Trojan burgundy models . Rocket comes with a full two year replacement guaranty.

Trojan T-105


Trojan T-105 Burgundy Batteries are  the standard for 6 volt deep cycle batteries. Comes with an eighteen month warranty

Trojan T-875


 Trojan T-875 Burgundy Batteries are the standard for 8-volt deep cycle power 170 Ah at a 20-hour rate.  18 month warranty

Trojan AGM


Trojan AGM is a sealed NO MAINTENANCE  gel battery. It will no leak on your garage floor. It comes with a five year full replacement guarantee.



We now offer affordable Lithium-Ion Batteries in two sizes. These no maintenance batteries reduce the weight of your golf cart and offer a much faster charge time.

Watering Systems


Trojan’s HydroLink single-point battery watering system 

  • Independent Water Level Indicator 

4-year warranty.